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  • What are the waiting times for the examination?
    We try to schedule patients as soon as possible, usually in the range of 2-3 weeks.
  • How can I schedule the examination?
    It is possible to schedule the examination by sending the referral from your doctor to the e-mail zadanky@ptc.cz. Please do not forget to include your phone contact in the e-mail body, so that we call you with the date of the examination and other details. If you do not have the option of sending a copy of the referral via e-mail, please contact the reception at +420 222 999 070.
  • When I send an e-mail to request the examination, when will you get back to me?
    We contact patients by phone no later than two business days after receiving the referral.
  • I sent the referral via e-mail but I haven’t received an answer yet.
    If you don’t receive a reply within two business days, please contact the reception at +420 222 999 070. We will fix it right away.
  • Are you also open on weekends?
    We perform examinations every day, Monday to Friday. We are closed on the weekends.
  • How to get to the Proton Therapy Center?
    The entrance to the Proton Therapy Center is located in the Nemocnice Na Bulovce hospital complex, between Ústav radiační onkologie (Institute of Radiation Oncology – Building 16) and Klinika pneumologie a hrudní chirurgie (Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery Clinic – Building 4, the so-called “Chateau”).
  • Is there parking available? 
    The parking lot for visitors is right at the main entrance of the Proton Therapy Center, located in the Na Bulovce hospital complex. The entrance to the Na Bulovce hospital complex is charged after 30 minutes.
  • Are the examinations covered by the health insurance companies?
    For patients with a valid Czech health insurance, the examinations are paid for by the health insurance company, with the exception of ZP 213 (Revírní bratrská pokladna).
  • Do I need a referral?
    Yes, you will need to bring the original referral for with the stamp of the medical facility and the doctor’s signature on the day of your examination. It is not possible to perform MRI or PET/CT examinations without the referral.
  • Do you need the original referral, even if I sent you a scan via e-mail?
    If we have a scan of the referral on file, we can do the examination without the original. However, the original request must be subsequently submitted, without it we cannot send the result of the examination to the doctor who issued the referral. The original referral can be delivered in person or sent by post to our address.
  • Can I pay for the examination myself?
    You can undergo the examination as a self-payer. However, it is always necessary to have a referral from the attending physician. We will be happy to inform you of the exact price for the examination upon receiving the referral.
  • How do I obtain the results of my examination?
    We send the results of the examination to the doctor who issued the referral by post, in the form of a registered letter. Delivery usually takes around a week.
  • Can I request the report from my examination?
    We can send you the report by e-mail in a password-protected file. If you are interested in receiving the report from your examination, please inform the staff of the MRI reception in advance, ideally before the examination itself.
  • How do I obtain the password to open the file?
    You will choose a password for any future phone and e-mail communication in the informed consent, which you fill in just before the examination.
  • Can you upload my exam images to a CD, USB, or other mediums?
    We can upload your exam images to a CD for a fee of CZK 200. For security reasons, we do not upload any documentation to USB drives. For time and capacity reasons, please let our staff know in advance that you are interested in obtaining the CD.
Covered by health insurance companies

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